Celebrating Excellence: Moises Chirinos Aleman Honored with Zamin Scholarship

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Moises Chirinos Aleman

This April, LSU Libraries continued its tradition of honoring those who tirelessly contribute to the academic ecosystem by bestowing the General Syed Ali Zamin Memorial Scholarship upon an undergraduate student worker who exhibits dedication, commitment, and a passion for service. This year’s deserving recipient is Moises Chirinos Aleman.

Chirinos is pursuing his passion for music performance as an undergraduate senior in the College of Music and Dramatic Arts. His journey in music began at the National School of Music in Tegucigalpa when he discovered his passion for the double bass at the age of 13. At LSU, he continues to develop his musical skills under the tutelage of Professor Yung-Chiao Wei. Beyond his musical pursuits, Chirinos has also engaged with the broader LSU community as an esteemed Tau Sigma Honor Society member.

Originally from Honduras, Chirinos transferred to LSU and serves as an assistant closer in the Libraries’ Access Services department. According to Chirinos, his role in the Libraries has not only allowed him to expand his knowledge beyond the realm of music but has also enabled him to assist fellow students in accessing resources within the library on diverse topics such as science, engineering, agriculture, art, and history, among others.

“This makes me feel very helpful, especially considering that [these interactions could be] the beginning of great achievements for some students and for the university. It could have lasting and profound effects,” Chirinos said.

Furthermore, Chirinos’ responsibilities as a closer enabled him to develop profound leadership qualities. His encounters with patrons during closing hours have taught him the delicate balance of assertiveness, clarity, and kindness.

According to Karl Simmerman, LSU Libraries’ evening supervisor, “Moises’ customer service skills are exceptional; he is extremely knowledgeable about library policies and shares that knowledge with our patrons in a way that is always helpful, cheerful, and polite. He also knows a lot about how to use library resources for research purposes, which is especially important for helping our patrons late at night when fewer library staff are present.”

In addition to his exceptional service to patrons, Chirinos contributes to an inclusive and positive environment among the Libraries’ other employees.

“Moises is one of the friendliest and most personable student employees that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He walks in the door every time with a smile, and he takes a moment to cheerfully greet all the employees of our department. He also helps new student employees when they are struggling to understand processes and procedures,” said Antonia Aultman, LSU Libraries’ student coordinator.

Chirinos considers himself incredibly fortunate to be part of the LSU Library community. The connections he has built have not only helped him improve professionally but also contributed to his overall personal development.

“I would like to continue living this amazing experience as long as possible – I really feel like I am part of a big and diverse family. I have built meaningful and lasting connections that truly make me a better worker, leader, and person,” Chirinos said.

LSU Libraries would like to express our deep gratitude to the Zamin family for their enduring support of the General Syed Ali Zamin Memorial Scholarship and celebrate Moises Chirinos Aleman as an exceptional recipient who embodies the scholarship’s values. His dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to service exemplify the spirit of the scholarship, and we are proud to have him as part of the LSU Libraries team.

photo of man in military attire

General Syed Ali Zamin

About General Zamin

General Syed Ali Zamin worked in the LSU Libraries for 14 years following an illustrious career serving in the Pakistan army and later serving as a Pakistani ambassador to four countries. At LSU, he was known for his commitment to serving as custodian of the library’s materials and for his extraordinary customer service orientation. In 2014, the Zamin family established a $1,000 scholarship to be awarded annually to an undergraduate student assistant who shares General Zamin’s work ethic and love for LSU.

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