LSU Libraries Going Higher Tech with New Student Tech Fee Award

This fall, the LSU Libraries will be adding new technology and upgrading technology-enabled spaces in the main library thanks to a $85,612 LSU Student Tech Fee award. These funds will directly benefit students and provide technology to a wide variety of campus users. 

The LSU Libraries were one of 16 campus units that received nearly $1 million in total from the Student Technology Fee Oversight Committee this spring. According to Michael Stewart, assistant director of libraries technology, the purpose of the project is “to enhance existing student areas in the main library with technology and equipment in order to increase collaboration capabilities and also offer better walk-up digitization services to libraries users.” 

color photo of open furnished space

Students gather frequently to study in room 100 on the first floor of LSU Library.

The award will be used to purchase two additional self-service scanners, a new self-checkout machine, large wall-mounted monitors for collaboration, additional whiteboards, and new technology for all 10 group study rooms located on the third and fourth floors. Two of the rooms will be equipped with presentation practice equipment, and students can expect to see new furniture, whiteboard paint on the walls, new whiteboards, and technology in all the study rooms. 

The LSU Libraries’ proposal, entitled “Facilitating Collaboration & Increasing Technology-Enabled Spaces in LSU Libraries,” was authored by Gina Costello, associate dean of technology & special collections; Stewart; and several other Libraries staff members who identified key technology needs for library patrons and high use areas of the main library in need of technology. 

“In an increasingly tech-dependent and collaborative world, it is imperative that the Libraries continue to provide LSU students with cutting edge resources that meet their educational and research needs. This award advances our mission to be an indispensable intellectual resource not only for our students but for the state of Louisiana and beyond,” Costello said.

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