Hispanic American Newspapers database, now available to LSU community

A new collection of historic newspapers is available to researchers at LSU. Hispanic American Newspapers: 1808-1980, which includes 368 publications, represents the single largest compilation of Spanish-language newspapers printed in the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries. This distinctive collection features long scattered and forgotten titles published in the 19th century and includes many newspapers published bilingually in Spanish and English. Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980 offers a diversity of unabridged voices, ranging from intellectuals and literary notables to politicians, union organizers, and grassroots figures.

Available online for the first time, these American newspapers published by Hispanic people can now be easily browsed, searched, and read. Users can compare and contrast Hispanic views on nearly every major theme in American life, beginning in 1808 when the first Spanish-language newspaper in the United States was printed in New Orleans.

“Revealing a rich, multi-faceted heritage and transmitting the pulse of regional communities over time and space, these online newspapers will transform our perception of Latino history for generations to come.”

          —Virginia Sánchez Korrol, Ph.D., Historian and Professor Emerita, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Often illustrated with photographic documentation, Hispanic American newspapers reveal the rich history of a people who have long resided in and contributed to the American public sphere. For more than two centuries, they have united Spanish speakers and preserved their cultural heritage through news, editorials, and literature as well as by providing leadership, solidifying communities,and spearheading social movements. They have covered every major theme in American history and culture and reported on events in Spanish-speaking countries not always available in traditional U.S. newspapers.

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