Database Digital Theatre+, now available to LSU community

Beginning this semester, the LSU community will have access to the database Digital Theatre+.  Digital Theatre+ provides online access to a digital streaming video collection of unique films of current, leading British theatre productions, musicals, and operas; behind-the-scenes documentaries; and teaching and learning resources to facilitate a deeper understanding of the productions and texts.

Digital Theatre+ provides access to:

·         500+ HD-quality films of star-studded, classical, contemporary and international productions. (RSC, BroadwayHD, Shakespeare’s Globe, West End, Gecko Theatre and more)

·         13,000+ written study guides, essays, research materials, performance studies, and workshop programs, all designed by industry experts and leading academics.

·         400+ interviews with academics & practitioners focused on everything from acting to directing, lighting design to stage management.

“The plays and materials offered in Digital Theatre+ are extensive and offer powerful and highly effective examples of work of international note and quality. I have used and will continue to grow the use of this platform for performance classes, directing classes, and period style and research for both production and course applications.”

— George Judy, Gresdna A. Doty Professor of Acting at the LSU School of Theatre

Digital Theatre+ is a welcome addition to LSU Libraries’ collection of online databases to aid the teaching activities and research of the LSU community.

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