LSU Libraries to install and improve water filling stations

Trashed and abandoned water bottles observed during a single walk-through of Middleton Library (11/15/17)

LSU Libraries has received approval of a student sustainability project for Middleton Library. The Student Sustainability Fund is supporting the concept of new water-filling stations throughout Middleton Library.

Students have expressed concerns about several existing water filling stations, and a large volume of recyclable plastic water bottles are being thrown away in garbage cans, even when recycling bins are within sight, contributing to a large volume of waste in Middleton Library.

The Student Sustainability Fund is a relatively new fund, fee-generated by the students of LSU. The proposal process requires the project to adhere to one of three strategic goals listed on its application website. LSU Libraries proposal supports Strategic Goal 2, “Incorporate environmental sustainability in all facets of LSU, including campus operations, activities, and infrastructure.” Going further, Objective 2.1 of Strategic Goal 2 states, “Reduce waste, with a goal of becoming a zero-waste campus, while improving recycling and investing in other ‘zero waste’ practices, such as composting.”

Clint Bordelon, who had a heavy role in the project, argues that this improvement supports the mentioned Strategic Goal because additional stations in student-focused areas will both increase access to reliable water availability and refillable water bottle usage, while decreasing the high volume of water bottles that end up in waste receptacles across Middleton Library and beyond. The new water refill stations will be located in the basement, on the second, third, and fourth floors.

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