LSU Libraries welcomes Megan Lounsberry to a new position

Lounsberry, MeganMegan Lounsberry is now Middleton Library’s Electronic Resources Librarian. Prior to this position, Lounsberry worked as the head of Interlibrary Loan Services in Middleton for 2 years. She acquired a job in interlibrary loan as a student worker while in undergraduate school here at LSU. Not long after graduation, Lounsberry was able to secure a full-time position in that same department. Over the last 10 years, she rose through the ranks and was able to lead the unit for the past two years. “It was such an amazing and enriching experience!” says Lounsberry, “Interlibrary loan helps keep the research wheels of this university turning!”

As an Electronic Resources Librarian, Lounsberry is responsible for managing Middleton Library’s electronic resources. This entails working with the Director of Collection Services to oversee the life-cycle of the electronic resources, addressing access issues, building and maintaining an electronic resources management system, and assisting the Director of Copyright Policy and Education in the review, creation, and renewal of licenses governing the electronic resource materials. She also has some assessment duties such as compiling collection usage data and providing annual statistics to the Association of Research Libraries and other educational entities.

Lounsberry is approaching her new position with a few goals in mind. “I hope to transform the way library departments interact and communicate with one another through the use of an Electronic Resource Management System,” she says. Lounsberry also hopes to reduce the number of access issues with the electronic resources as much as possible.

Megan Lounsberry is originally from Alexandria, Louisiana, and has lived in Baton Rouge for 15 years. In her free time, Lounsberry enjoys hanging out with her family, reading and the occasional Netflix binge. She also participates in a medieval times reenactment organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, about which she says, “For the record, it’s not the same as the Renaissance Fair, because nothing we do is commercialized or scripted!”

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