Historical dissertations and theses now available through LSU Digital Commons

Historical dissertations and theses produced by LSU graduate students are now freely available through LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses collection in LSU Digital Commons. The collection consists of more than 7,400 titles produced by graduate students between 1935 and 2001. LSU students have access to a wide array of dissertations and theses from most of the university’s departments for scholarly and research purposes. LSU alumni have the opportunity to access their own work, or may request the digitization of their work if it exists in the Libraries’ collection.

These historical documents represent a portion of the intellectual work produced by LSU since the 1930s and add to the existing collections of theses and dissertations that the Libraries added to its LSU Digital Commons institutional repository earlier this year. Hosting them on the LSU Digital Commons platform will make them freely available for scholarship, and searchable through Google.

The landmark project was a collaboration between LSU Libraries and the LSU Graduate School. For more information or to submit a request, contact ir@lsu.edu.

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