24/5 schedule to begin September 22

Beginning Monday, September 22 at midnight, Middleton Library will remain open 24 hours, 5 days a week, in addition to its regular Saturday hours. Students have been expressing the need for a 24 hour study space on campus, and so Middleton Library is responding by providing access to study space and computers through the night. The new expanded hours will be from 11:00 a.m. on Sunday until 8 p.m. Friday, in addition to regular Saturday hours.

After midnight, the upper floors and basement of the library will close, leaving the first floor open as a study area for LSU students and employees only. Services such as the circulation desk, print desk, and research desk will close at their regular times. Use of the building during the new hours will be closely monitored to assess additional student needs.

Students are looking forward to the extended hours. “Extending Middleton’s hours will really give students the opportunity to get more studying done at times that are convenient for them–after classes have finished for the day,” notes Sophia Holland, a junior English major, “It’s going to play a huge role in improving LSU’s overall GPA while also giving students the opportunity to really utilize one of the most important buildings on campus.”

“Having a place to focus gives people a better chance to study,” said sophomore Rachel Shirley.

“Being a creative writing major, I write better at night, and if I were at home, I wouldn’t be as focused on it,” added Haley Bordelon, a junior.

A commitment to providing a safe and secure study environment factors into the new procedures. Each evening from midnight until 7:00 a.m., those wishing to remain in or enter Middleton Library will be required to show a current LSU ID. Campus Transit will be available until 3 a.m. to transport students from the Thomas Boyd parking lot to their on campus residence halls, sororities, or fraternities. Additional safety measures have included additional security camera coverage, and a security officer will be stationed at the door.

During midterms, dead week, and finals, Middleton Library will continue its 24/7 hours. For more information on library hours and procedures, see www.lib.lsu.edu or email libraries@lsu.edu



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