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Math professor has zero-cost course by using e-textbooks

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LSU Libraries makes textbooks available at no cost and just one click away. This semester, 45 departments are using the service with 166 e-textbooks available to students now. Richard Moscatello is among several of the professors using the e-textbook service offered through LSU Libraries. Moscatello teaches two out of four sections for MATH 2065, or Elementary Differential Equations. The required text for the course is Ordinary Differential Equations, which is available online from the Libraries, making this a zero-cost course for more than 230 undergraduate students. Moscatello shared a few things about his experience with e-textbooks so far.

Rick Moscatello, Instructor of Mathematics

Richard Moscatello, Instructor of Mathematics

What do you like most about e-textbooks offered through LSU Libraries?

The convenience. Students always tell me at the beginning of the semester “I don’t have my book yet.” Rather than slow down the class, I just tell them to get the electronic copy right away.

How long have you been using e-textbooks? Do you plan to continue using them in the future?

At least 3 years, and will continue to use them indefinitely.

With this being a math course, have some of your students expressed a preference for a physical textbook?

A few, but if they want to buy the physical book, I certainly don’t have a problem with it.

This is a great way for professors to save their students time and money. More than 250,000 titles are available, and LSU Libraries will purchase a book for a course if it is not currently listed. For more information or to browse available titles, contact or visit

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2 comments on “Math professor has zero-cost course by using e-textbooks
  1. Joseph Layton says:

    Thank you for making this an option. Making the MATH 2065 book available via LSU Libraries has made my semester much more convenient. I can look at the pages I need without toting a 6″ x 3″ x 10″ – 775 page book around. The better part is it’s free. Paying > 1000 for books, online access codes, and such each semester adds up. It’s nice to have that load lightened a bit.

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