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Construction update: Quiet space available in Hill Memorial Library for finals week

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Fun fact- scenes from The Fantastic Four were filmed in this room.

Fun fact- scenes from The Fantastic Four were filmed in this room.

Construction projects in Middleton Library continue as students study for finals this week. Stopping the construction during finals was not negotiable, so a quiet study hall is set up in Hill Memorial Library and the construction company has been asked to conduct work as quietly as possible at all times.

The Hill Memorial Lecture Hall has extra tables, chairs, and outlets set up, and the building has wifi. Students may bring food and drinks, backbacks, and pens into the Lecture Hall. The room is available from 8:00 am- 5:00 pm through May 6.

In Middleton, students can find quiet space on the fourth floor. The construction noise is intermittent with very few complaints and the second floor is full of students studying for exams.


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