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Libraries digitizes agriculture station bulletins and reports

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Cover of a 1905 Bulletin written by William Haddock Dalrymple.

LSU Research Works for Louisiana

A grant-funded digitization project has made it possible for 807 LSU Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletins and Annual Reports titles to be digitized and made available to the public.  The bulletins date back to 1890 and were originally produced by LSU to disseminate the results of agricultural research to farmers. Many of the early bulletins were written by faculty luminaries at LSU, including William C. Stubbs, W. R Dodson, W. H. Dalrymple, J. Norman Efferson, and J. C. Miller. The bulletins record the development of industries and crop specializations in Louisiana, most notably the sugar cane industry, the production of sweet potatoes, and the cultivation of rice and soybeans.

LSU Libraries faculty members Cristina Caminita and Gina Costello received funding from Project Ceres, a partnership between the Center for Research Libraries and United States Agricultural Information Network, to digitize the LSU Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletins and Annual Reports, making these important contributions to Louisiana agriculture available to the public.



Posted in Announcements

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