LSU Librarians Assist Class in 3D Scanning and Printing Project

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Mark and Marty

LSU Librarians Mark Martin and Marty Miller

Two LSU Librarians will be assisting an LSU architecture class in an exciting project involving both traditional and cutting-edge techniques for modeling and creating physical objects.  The class, ARCH 5004, explores the translation of digital models into physical models through analog (wood shop, hand craft) and digital fabrication tools (laser cutting, 2D/3D CNC milling, 3D printing). Class assignments will focus on the process and production techniques for designing with each set of tools (software and hardware). Students will simultaneously develop an understanding of best practices for each set of tools and will explore the limits of these tools.

Shelby Elizabeth Doyle, Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, takes the lead in this project. Her students will be capturing 3D scans of a number of objects from the LSU Libraries Special Collections, located in Hill Memorial Library.  Assisting in this project are LSU Libraries’ Special Collections Archivist Mark Martin and Art & Design Librarian Marty Miller.  Some of the objects chosen for the project from Special Collections are a coconut, the surface of which is carved with M. C. Escher’s tessellated fish, an impressionistic sculpture of a water bird, two bronze reproductions of bird skulls, and a reproduction of an ancient dog skull.

The final projects for the class will be displayed in the lobby of Middleton Library.  Check back here for an announcement of the display of the final projects.

Paul Hrycaj is a Research & Instruction Librarian at the LSU Libraries.

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